Natural Sand Proppant Production

To vertically integrate, Mammoth recently expanded its Natural Sand division through the acquisitions of Taylor Frac and the assets of Chieftain Sand (renamed Piranha Proppants). Our reserves are the highest quality raw sand from our Northern White (Jordan and Wonewoc) deposits which meets or exceeds all API standards. By mid-year 2018 the company will have an effective processing capacity of approximately 4.4 million tons per year, half of which will directly support our pressure pumping crews.

Our superior Jordan substrate and Wonewoc Sandstone exhibits the physical properties necessary to withstand the challenges of modern day competitions in unconventional reservoirs. The highest quality raw sand from our Northern White deposits exhibits the highest crush resistance of natural substrates. The chemical composition exhibits over 99% monocrystalline quartz. The shape (sphericity and roundness) and strength result in downhole durability and high conductivity. Our hard, rounded grains also reduce wear on pumping equipment that minimizes down-time and completion costs. Simply put, in a returns focused environment, we can provide the proppant to meet our customers goals.

Three of our facilities are located in Wisconsin with access to all major Class One railroads. We possess the ability to produce a wide variety of products based on the needs of our customers. Our normal production runs provide natural sand proppant in the following ISO/API 13503-2 size specifications:

• 40/70
• 100 Mesh
• 30/50
• 20/40

Industry Served

Exploration and Production Companies – Our plants produce a high quality product that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements to complete today’s modern shale wells.

Service Companies – Our plants produce a high quality product at a competitive price that reduces the wear and tear on equipment. We also maintain a full logistics solution (rail and last-mile) which ensures a timely delivery of our products to the desired delivery point.


Quality Control

Quality is critical to the performance of natural sand proppant. We continuously look for ways to monitor and improve the quality of our products. Our highly automated plant, standard operating procedures, and low staff turnover contribute substantially to the quality and consistency of our products.
Our on-site laboratory is staffed full time to perform quality tests of our production runs. Our technicians complete routine testing throughout the manufacturing process to promote the highest level of quality and consistency in our products. As quality assurance for our customers, we collect and analyze samples from every shipment that leaves our plant (representing every 25 tons of production).

We confirm the quality of our products through the following testing program:

• Run of mine tested multiple times a day
• Product gradation tested every hour entering the storage silo
• Gradation sampling, testing and confirmation from every truckload leaving the plant
• Conductivity testing completed annually




We own or have access to origin transloads with unit train capabilities on the following Class One railroads:

• Canadian National Railway Company (CN)
• Union Pacific (UP)
• Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)
• The Canadian Pacific (CP)

The location of our mines and origin transloads gives us low cost transportation options into all of the major basins in the United States and Canada. We also own or control destination transloads in several basins with unit train capabilities.
With more than 2,200 rail cars under lease coupled with our last-mile capabilities, we are able to deliver sand directly from our mines to the well head eliminating the need for any third-party coordination, providing savings for our customers. In an environment with many logistical challenges, we have the ability to solve our customers’ toughest issues.



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